Fall Colors

Fall Colors

It’s my favorite time of the year again. Fall! I love how the leaves change color every year so it seemed fitting one day to gather up some of the leaves my kids and I found while out walking through the neighborhood. For the backlighting I placed the leaves on parchment paper suspended over a warm light. From there it was all downhill making minor edits and composing all the leaves into one larger image. The result is a piece I call “The Colors of Fall”. I hope you enjoy 😀


I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to spend some time in Singapore recently and even more fortunate to have a camera with me. The country is a easy place to visit and has many great sites to see. Best of all is the integration of the natural foliage into almost every building and structure on the island.


The Good Ol’ Life

Red Barn HDR

My grandmother’s neighbors in southern Utah erected this beautiful red barn in the field behind their houses. The light smoke from nearby forest fires added a little texture to the hills behind at dusk. For some reason this is what I imagine when I think about what it would be like to grow up as part of a farming community. While I enjoy my suburban life at times I think it would be wonderful to see something so beautiful every day.

The Midnight Sky

It was a late night out in the middle of nowhere just to get a couple great shots of the Milky Way and the stars in general. While I did catch a few pictures of the Milky Way directed towards the galactic center this feature image is probably my favorite. Sometime, hopefully soon, I plan on writing in a little more detail how I took the photo and what kind of gear, setting, timing you would need to do this yourself. It really is a neat experience that is worth enjoying at least once in a lifetime.

A New Perspective

Salt Lake City Temple

I’ve visited the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah on several occasions and in different seasons throughout the year. Each season adds a different perspective on this beautiful building, but this perspective might be my new favorite.

Hello There Neighbor

Hello Succulent

After work today I went outside with my son to water some of the plants in the front yard, and I was amazed at how quickly things grow. The lilies near our front door that were just pods the other day were blooming. It was then that my son and I decided it would be a good time to get out the camera and take a few photos of the flowers (like my kids ever say no to getting out the camera). After taking a couple photos we were on our way back in when this photo idea struck me. It’s simple, but expressive to me and fit my mood for the evening.

Just An Old Piano

Last week I shared a photo of the uneven keys on my antique piano, and this week I felt like adding a few more. After I purchased the piano I did a bit of research and learned that the piano was made around 1915 by Foster & Co. Since then the piano has been partially restored. Before I purchased the piano about two years ago the previous owners refinished the sound board and the exterior of the piano. Hence, the finish looks great, but the keys…well, they’re another story. Perhaps one day I’ll have the means to completely restore the piano, but until then it will have to remain a nice living room decoration and potential art subject.

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A New Kind of Music

A New Kind of Music

Sleep can feel irrelevant or unnecessary when you find an interesting subject to photograph. This was the case with the uneven keys of my antique piano last night. Even though it was clearly my bedtime I was unable to resist the urge to get out my tripod to take a few test shots. Five minutes later I have all the lights on in the kitchen and hallway to try and even out the lighting. Finally, I resolved to capturing my idea after work today. It was a quick edit, but I’m satisfied with the results. Sometimes these are the best kinds of photos.

A New Beginning

Uncertainty in the future is the worst. Never knowing if something will succeed or if it will fail feels like certain failure. Odd that we as humans think this way, but nonetheless it is the case all too often. Regardless of what the success criteria may be, I have none, I’m happy to keep things simple and share what I love with the world. If no one reads this great. If someone reads this great, and welcome to my world. This blog is dedicated to better understanding the art of photography, an art I still know very little about. So here’s to a new-‘ish’ beginning.